We serve as agents for a limited number of individuals as well as several private and institutional collections.

                          For these clients we acquire and transfer premium quality works. As part of this process we always maintain
                          a portfolio either of objects wanted or for acquisition by third parties.

                         All objects negotiated by our offices have been checked for source, provenance, history, exhibits and previous sales.

                         Catalog listings or auction history, if any, of artwork offered or sought is researched and documented prior to any selective offering
                         within our client universe.

                         For appraisals we rely on independent experts with whom we have established long term relationships.

                         We handle single objects as well as entire estates if they meet the quality criteria demanded by our clients.

                         We never buy or sell at auction or through galleries that are open to the public.

                         We handle only premium originals and do not deal in multiples unless these are part of complete,
                         coherent portfolios issued in a very limited and signed edition.

                         Our offices in Boston and Berlin as well as established partnerships in Los Angeles, Seoul, Dubai and Zurich
                         allow us ro react on short notice and to render personalized service to clients worldwide.

                        For more infomation please contact us for an initial consultation.